Friday, February 27, 2015

month 11: theo daisy:)

technically...she'll NEVER have been 11 months. February screws everything up by not having a 30th day. Which means Theo will forever be 10 months old;) - I wish...some days;)

so even thought she's not really 11 months...we're making her 11 months. I need there to be an 11 months before 12 months. Ughhhh. Pukkkkeeee. Another one year old? That's sick.

theo is doing so well:) She's a little chunk - even though she's totally not:) She snuggles up a storm. I mean, she fits perfectly in the crook of my neck and I will NEVER regret holding her the insane amount that I do. Nope. Never:)

she's doing a lot of down-ward-dog in the middle of rooms but not really close to standing on her own quite yet. She does stand and walk next to furniture and just recently learned how to plop back down on the floor from standing next to things. There was a week or 2 where she was completely freaked out about falling down!

bottom-less.pit. That's Theo. I don't know how she's so tiny but yet eats SO much!! Good lord baby metabolism:)

she screams and says ma-ma and da-da and counts to 10 in Spanish!!!!;) 

sleeping is good. She takes one solid 2 to 4 hour nap in the middle of the day and then sleeps from about 830PM to 730AM.!!! I think she's paying us back for all the sleeping she didn't do as an infant;)

honestly, Theo's just the best. She fake laughs when I pretend to eat her thighs and I really appreciate that she cares enough about my feelings to fake-it! But her "I don't find this funny in the slightest but I'll laugh anyway because you're obviously fully committed" is pretty darn cute;)

i love her. i love her. i love her.'s a comparison of my oldest (Homer - top) and my youngest (Theo - bottom), both at 11 months. AHHHHHHHH!!!!:)

homer really is such a great big brother. It took a while but he now knows the difference between cloth and disposable diapers. SUPER handy when I'm dealing with a blow-out and forgot to grab the correct diaper for Theo;)

he loves Theo...hard. Sometimes too hard;) Currently, Jacob's implemented a restraining order on Homer. Homer isn't allowed within 5 feet of Theo cause he's getting a little too aggressive with the cheekers;)

i feel like with Homer I was always pretty anxious to make him a big brother. For whatever reason...Theo just feels like my baby. Don't get me wrong...I want more kids. YEP. But I'm trying to be less anxious this time around and just let things happen. No rush:)
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