Saturday, March 7, 2015

me likes: muscle tanks

long gone are the days of spaghetti straps for this girl. And don't even get me started on strapless...let's just put all those in a pile and then me and my kid boobs will stand at a safe distance while they all burn up and stop existing. forever. buuuuubye;)

muscle tanks, as they call them, are a new favorite of mine. I picked up a few last year and I've been able to wear them year round...summer or fall/winter/spring with a cardigan:) Super flattering and I just feel like they're great for ALL occasions. Dress um' up with skinnies and some adorable wedges OR dress um' down with some cut off jean shorts and leather sandals. 

below are some affordable options that I found recently. American Eagle actually had some great options and right now I'm being offered 15% off - normally I roll my eyes at anything less than 40% buttttt it's my birthday;).

one . two . three . four

one of my favorite bloggers - Hello Hue - actually just did a blog post and she's wearing option ONE, in the top options. So cute and I always like having a more realistic visual:) And her blog post currently includes a teeth whitening system giveaway - more incentive to check her out and enter!!!:)

i'm 127% ready for sleeveless weather!!!! I'm still on a pretty strict budget but I'm saving my pennies for my upcoming birthday, which will include a bit of shopping for myself:) Cause for whatever reason..."Sleeves Are Bullshit" just makes sense to me and seems like something a mother of 2 should leave the house wearing at some point;)

happy shopping, friends:)

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