Monday, January 18, 2016

month 2: rocky peyton

soooooo, apparently the baby stage lasts LESS than a hot second. With each baby, they stay a baby for that much less time. It's disgusting:/

Rocky Peyton is 2 months old - was 2 months old a week ago;) Today has been 67 days since baby boy came flying into this world. HOW?! 

he's so fucking precious, it's painful. Like...for real. PRECIOUSSSSSSSSS!!! He's a pretty chill dude. He's all smiles and coo'ing. He spits up quite a bit but no where near as much as the other 2 did! And at this point, I've completely embraced being semi-soaked at all times:) He sleeps really does take him a bit to get to sleep...that 10PM-1AM is a little sketchy but once he's down...we're good!! He'll eat at least twice during the night and has his most solid sleep from 5-9AM. 

also...when are you mama's with 3+ kiddos finding time for s.e.x?!?!?!? Asking for a friend;)

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