Friday, January 22, 2016

see you on the other side...

i'll start by saying...this is the last post on this blog...THIS BLOG - thesmiths.hugitout - for a while...maybe forever!? I'm not going to delete it, at this point. I'm actually looking into ways to print it, to save for the length of forever:)

let me explain.

courtney and I. My sister, Courtney - over at Buffaloes and Butterflies. The one married to my husband's older brother. The one I spend 5 out of 7 mornings with, having coffee, with an abundance of kids interrupting our DIYing/coffee drinking/blogging/talkingggggg:) Okay...the one with 'all the kids'?! Yeah, that one;).
We're gonna combine. 
We're as much alike as we are different. A lot of different strengths and weaknesses. We make a pretty good team, if you ask me:) And I know we spend a lot of time together and at the same events and such but I think each post, whether regarding the same subject or not, will have a lot of different view points:)

from here on out you can find us both posting over at Hey Hickory!!! 
(details regarding what Hey Hickory means to us, over at Hey Hickory and where we started - HERE).

i started this blog in 2009. Jacob and I were 26 years old (what is TWENTY-SIX!??!!?! Wahhhhhhhhh!!!!) - 1st Blog Post ever, HERE. The point back then was to document the planning of our wedding and our honeymoon! And then in 2012 I changed it over to thesmiths.hugitout, as we were past the wedding/honeymoon and moving on to building our family:)

it blows my mind, how far we've come. What we were then and what we are now. 
Back in 2009, we were newly engaged and talking about the possibility of never having kids?! OMG, we were such younggg, youngggggg assholes;) And in the photo above, 2011, we were walking down that isle, JUST married and a few weeks pregnant with Homer:)

and below, the most recent photo of our family of 5:) 

jacob's at work. Homer and Theo are sitting on the living-room floor, QUIETLY - what is this LIFE?!?!?!?!;) - watching a movie. Rocky's snoozing. I'm drinking some coffee and doing this blog post. I am insanely happy:)

welp. Theo just spilled her milk all over the rug...mostly UNDER the damn couch...while working on a her CLOTH diaper:/

back to reality;)

i know this...collaboration...probably seems pretty simple and not the announcement you may have been hoping for (NO, Courts is NOT pregnant;). But we're pretty excited and it feels like a fun, new direction, to be taking in the New Year!

we hope you'll follow along:) 

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