Monday, August 23, 2010

ASOS is here.

this post initially started because I wanted to brag about ASOS and how darned amazing that site is. They have EVERYThing a girl could want and in every price range. Currently I have a bag full of tights for my wedding ladies and now just to balls up and hit the 'pay/buy' button! Eeeeek. Did I mention I needed to stop spending money!? Perhaps a time or two...or 100.

point: looks like ASOS is going to be coming to the US...IS in the US and I think it's going to be a hit! So check out there stuff cause currently there's NO shipping cost AND they'll send a return sticker so that IF, for some ungodly reason, you don't like what you can return it for freaking FREE!

then the post quickly turned into something regarding my wedding. A.MAZING how I can do that. Even in an everyday conversation I can turn it in my direction.
MOH (Courts): the dog is REALLY pissing me off
ME: my wedding rocks...have I told you why and in detail?
MOH: Um...yes, yes you have. Like I was saying...the dog ripped apart ALL this freaking's ALL over the freaking house....
ME: OMG. Weird that you mentioned paper cause there will be a LOT of it at the wedding. I'll be addressing the PAPER envelopes by hand (the girls got some good ass hand writing and carpal tunnel be damned - she also has a full time job typing/transcribing - we will take advantage of her skill;). The invites will be made out of PAPER. There will be PAPER towel outside the porta potty. I'm going to stamp some PAPER with our logo-ey thing....
MOH: comatose.
point: these dresses from ASOS are super adorable and look suppppper comfy. I'm not a huge fan of the one shoulder. Don't' get me wrong, I love it. BUT it just gives you a certain look. Yeah, I know...a one shoulder look....but something about it yells a certain style and not sure I want that.
BUT the best part about it is that it has 2 colors available. The Beige that I'd like the girls to have AND Black, which could make Courts (MOH) stick out a bit and weirdly enough Courts 4th best trait is being a spot light stealer (1/ being a super cool all around person. One of those people that gets invited to weddings and has no idea who they are but apparently that person, who doesnt' know her also agrees that she's THAT cool and so wants her there regardless of having never had a conversation with her, 2/ making babies, 3/ looking ridiculously good before/during AND after having made baby in #2, 4/ being a spot light stealer - stop being married at a young age to a freaking amazing guy and having beautiful childern and then STILL getting hit on by the hottest black guy EITHER of us will ever see...EVER.;)
FYI, black is my 6th love (next to 1/ Jacob and all things Jacob:), 2/ Family, 3/ Friends, 4/miniature animals, 5/ naps, 6/ black - Remind me to get back to you about the top 10 sometime;)

the dress, One Shoulder Pleat Dress, is not a bad buy at only $101.10 (where do they come up with that price!? Really?!?). And if they girls decided to wear them for the reception also...that equals a money saver!:)

oh, and the gold watches. Love them - want one - will have one. End of story.
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