Monday, August 23, 2010

i want it all.

at the moment, unfortunately for Jacob, I'm all about this house and completing it (and the wedding and making extra money and going to the movies and BWW's and possibly planning a dinner out for the ONE Year Till The Wedding Night and walking and walking and walking;). COM-PLETE. There is a lot more on our To Do List than we'd like but I think it's getting down to those things that most people just aren't motivated to do!
Why is it that napping sounds more appealing then living in a house that has walls? I don't CARE about wallsssss, I must SLEEPPPP!!

above are MORE wallpaper samples - from Home Depot. I know I've gone there before but I just LOVE them. Wish I could throw them all in a vat and have a perfect combination come out. At the moment I'm liking the stripes best. Keep in mind we'll have wood paneling on the wall. I KNOW....I know...but not that horrendous stuff that everyone, who is in their right mind, tears off the walls or paints over. The good stuff:) SO the bathroom has a lot of rich brown, cream and some black accents.
And if you're a little scared about the stripes, check out this link: WALLPAPER EXAMPLE ROOM. Home Depot is nice enough to send samples for only $.99 and supply you with a little online picture of what your room could possibly look like. Sweetness!
ALSO...keep another thing in mind: we will only have wallpaper on the very top portion of the room. We're talking about 2 feet of space running all the way around the room. So whatever we put up there, even with a pattern, probably won't be too overwhelming.

i'm hoping for a Home Depot/Menard's run in the next few days (crossing fingers and mentally preparing to sweet talk Jacob into this:).
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