Monday, August 23, 2010

get on it.

this week is going to be a BUS-AYYYY week. At least I'm going to make it busy! We need to do the following:
- Menard's run (those suck on so many levels...hard to describe)
- plaster some shit around the house...just plaster the shit out of it!!!
- meet w/ some banks to get our loan rates lower...I mean serioussssslllllly, they're obviously having meetings w/ fruit trays & snacks, my treat....and laughing about how badly they're screwing ME!
- make serious wedding decisions...photographer, DJ

okay, most of that list just made me want to vomit. BUT the wedding decisions have been somewhat fun.!!! I do find it difficult making these more 'expensive' wedding decisions. Do we or don't we? What's most important? IS.IT.WORTH.IT???? These are just a few of the questions running through my mind lately.
Jacob's Mind: Should I eat now or in 5 minutes? Casey looks stressed...should I say something or pretend I don't notice that her pony is now a side pony and her eyes are blood shot?!

on a GREAT note though...we've decided on a photographer!!! WHOOO HOOOO! Check her out at Photography By Jen. Some very good stuff here and the price was right and so one big decision down...a handful more to go!:)

good day:)
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