Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bring on Target and a gun.

photos courtesy of Lake Jane via StreamLine Luggage

i was inspired by Lake Jane's most recent post on some B.E.A.Utiful luggage, to find some of our own. For Spain. For our closet. For sitting around the house to be tripped over between our frequent vacationing:)
The above luggage is a bit out of our price range and maybe just a litttttle too fancy for us anyways. We don't like to roll like we have money;)
photos courtesy of Macys
photo courtesy of Target

but this stuff....down below...Macy's and Target....excellente for us. Right in our price ranges and STILL classy and simple but Jacob and Casey classy!
AND what's even better, they range from $50 to $360. Still a very good price for some brand new luggage!

this has also gotten me thinking about Registering. Jacob and I have decided to register. ONLY because we would love to take advantage of the 20% off that you receive the days following the wedding. ANY items still on the list are then 20% off, for X amount of days following the wedding.
SO we figured we'd register because there are things we need around the house - LIKE: matching silverware, dishware, some blankies, new garbage crap for hauling trash to the road, etc. etc. etc. SO we could really use some new things.
BUT wedding etiquette...and just our beliefs....are what helped us decide not to promote the fact that we are registered somewhere. We don't believe in expecting gifts when we're not inviting anyone to the ceremony and really...at this point we're WAY too old to ask our friends and family to buy us new sheets;)
We're not listing it anywhere and basically it's just for our benefit. So we can get a bit of a deal on the things we'd like before leaving for the honeymoon! Whoooo HOOO!

Target doesn't really have much detail on that. Besides helpful hints about possibly registering 5-6 months before hand and the fact that the list is good for 90 days after the wedding. SO at this point I'm not sure what their policy is on discounted items after the wedding. I've really only 'heard' that they offer 20% off. I'm hoping this rumor is true!!!

Macy's on the other hand does point out that some of the items on your list may be 10% off for up to 90 days after the wedding. Splendid.
ah. I want new things. That's all this post is summing up to be:)
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