Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the perfect touch.

these are absolutely perfffffect. I just love it. I wish I were more of a 'headband' person cause I'd for SURE be wearing one of the 2 in the bottom row, left side. Adorable.

i've always wanted something for my hair and these are (I HATE saying this) out of my price range...arg. But if I could even make something like these myself, which I think is completely possible....maybe waiting till after I settle on a dress would be the best idea.

WHICH reminds me...appointment with the 'dress maker lady' - her new name:) - tomorrow. I'll sleep better just knowing whether I can afford to have my dress made OR if it's not an option. I can't go on NOT knowing a minute longer!

photos courtesy of Twigs and Honey via Once Wed
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