Saturday, August 7, 2010

para siempre amor.

ahh. I love this kid. That's definitely all that needs to be said about that.
here we are on the day we buried my grams, my mom's mom. It was a sad day but fortunately we were able to find time for a few smiles and a good amount of laughs.
Funeral or not, we hold nothing back. Appropriate or SERIOUSLY not;) I think grams would have appreciated that about us:)

overall, we actually had fun and if a funeral does brings you all together. That's always a good thing:)

and are we sick because we used this as a perfect photo opportunity?! I mean...all in black, super classy...summer day. Yes. Exactly why I made others get in on it too;)

ye who loved me tarry not
hear about this my resting spot
for swift the day and brief the year
spend no moments weeping here
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