Saturday, August 7, 2010

we should be so lucky.

i can't really say much about this wedding. It's gorgeous. Okay. Officially looking up NEW words! Frick. I don't even know the word of the thing that you look up to find NEW words for words I over use. Go figure.

okay...founddddd it! (pat on the backkkkk;) - Thesaurus

starting over:
i can't really say much about this wedding....actually, going to say a lot of something about this wedding: It's splendid, splendiferous, stunning, sublime, sumptuous...SUPERB and those are just the S's people!!!! There's much more where those came from:)

Dad: would it be SO much to ask to have a Ferris Wheel as the back drop of our wedding reception site?! REALLY...?! Too much? And as long as I'm dreaming up a list of dreams I'd like you to make come true for about a miniature baby hippo and a teeny giraffe?! They're my favorites:)

have I mentioned that I love light. I love all things light, especially when it's distorting a photo...Especially...Especially with me IN it.
photos courtesy of Feather Love Photography

and this is basically a replica of what I'm hoping our guests walk-up to when arriving at our reception. Bring on the twinkle lights hung ever so cutely and candles as far as the eyes can see:)
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