Sunday, August 8, 2010

want it sunday.

another MUST have added to the list from Etsy. They're KILLING me over there at Etsy. Just got done making a small purchase, for a girl friend's bridal shower, this morning. Luckily it was under $6:)

but I may not be so lucky to keep it under $40 this time around. I've been craving a world map of any sort to get up on the wall. Me and Jacob have done a lot of traveling over the last year and I've gone some cool places well before that and I have a ridiculous urge to make sure I get that tacked onto the wall As.Soon.As.Possible! Why...I have no clue?! I'm sure our dogs and cat won't be impressed and I can guarantee our roommate won't be. Apparently he's more interested in dodging rent for 8 days. Grrrrr. Actually I'm not too mad about that. IF anything his rent is single handedly paying for our wedding. That REALLY weirds me out. Guess we'll have to buy him....a drink or something?!;)

on to it. See below for OrqueShaw's walldecor. Adorable in every way and I know there's somewhere in everyone's home that they could throw something like this up on the wall!
Now I'm up to needing my wall collage AND the world map.

World Map $39
Winter Tree $34.65

Beautiful Daisy's $29.99
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