Saturday, October 15, 2011

scoot. scoot.

i'll try not to bore you with the 'same old, same old'.
Here in Marbella, we've kinda stuck to the same routine. So there weren't a lot of 'new' places to give you unique photos!:)

yesterday we relaxed...then walked around, had dinner and called it a night. We're both thankful for the amount of time we have over here...we don't have to feel guilty if every minute isn't full of something new...we can have 'down' days:)

hard to believe we only have 12 more days to go:( Luckily, we also agreed, that this vacation is going at the perfect speed! We look forward to getting home but we're also having an amazing time and don't feel like it's flying by:)

although, today we ARE looking forward to our next stop because the bed here at our Hostel in Marbella...less than amazing. My back is.KILLING.ME! Eeeeeeek. And we're following that up with another 4 hour bus ride today! Yippie;) Don't feel bad for us though;)

UP/DOWN our last dinner in Marbella, Spain:)

by the time you are all starting the first part of your days...we'll be arriving in our next destination! Granada, Spain:)
Later Gators!
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