Thursday, October 13, 2011

i think I'm full:)

it's official. We found a city in Spain that can actually satisfy my never ending need for food. Here they have tons of pastas, pizza and goodies of all kinds. I think we found 3 of those today and I'm feeling it.

UP me filling out Lia's birthday card (sent out TODAY:).

we began the day walking to the bus stop to get our tickets to our next destination, Granada. And by that point I was already starvingggggg (it was noon:). We found a great deal on pizza and drinks that we couldn't possibly pass up.

2 pizza and 2 drink for 15 euros. We split it in 1/2 and it served us for both lunch AND dinner. Score:)
and thennnnnn I bought a purse. Oops:)

UP then the beach again...weird!

we've thought about renting a scooter and taking a ride to a neighboring city but after some nightmare stories we've seen on the news and just witnessing traffic in general...not to MENTION the ride through the mountains that we endured to get We decided against the scooter ride, that would surely lead to our demise;)

we agreed that as long as this honeymoon was living up to what we were hoping/wanting/expecting...and it makes us happy and content...there's no reason to push going somewhere else or trying to squeeze MORE into the time we have here. We're good:)

after heading back to the hostel to rest up for a while, we did a bit more walking:)

UP amazing mirror menu at a little cafe. I want to copy this in my home!!!:)

UP shit...this happened. I feel...very heavy at the moment:)

another very satisfying day in Marbella. I am going to do some more googling to see that we don't miss anything that may be right under our noses. But as of now...another city that has made us feel at home:)
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