Tuesday, January 24, 2012

baby cradle construction:)

we ordered a cradle for the baby recently. The idea is to use this in our bedroom as a sort of...bassinet...or so I'm told:)

it's just a litttttle larger than we had anticipated but will still work really well and we're super excited! It took Jacob abouttttt the same amount of time it took me to eat a large bowl of Lucky Charms, to construct this little beast. And it turned out great:)

pretty much pumped to put a little baby in that thing:)

this was my view of the construction:)

(click to enlarge:)

we have a teeny little house and so if fills up FAST. Above I just pointed out a few things that are making up the mess that is our house at the moment!!!:)

ANDDDDDDDD (drummmmm rollllllll)....the finished product:)
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