Tuesday, January 24, 2012

week 25:)

here we are. Another week closer to this baby. A real. life. BABY. We haven't figured out quite yet what we'll do with he or she when he or she gets here. But I know it's going to be super fun:)

i've been feeling so good. And the baby is moving all the time. Jacob has still not been able to get too many opportunities to feel the baby. MAYBE 3 times. This baby is stubborn and chooses not to move on command. Grrrr.
And today I was getting a bit paranoid nervous because I hadn't felt the baby move since Water Aerobics last night...but Jacob insisted that the baby was probably just a very good napper...like his mom;)
AND Jacob was right. Baby is up and at it tonight, making up for lost time;)

i've been told this is the 'honeymoon' phase of pregnancy and I 100% agree. Jacob and I have been in a honeymoon phase...going strong and annoyingly in love for over 3 years now and no plans to let up on that anytime soon. We come with barf bags for those of you in our presence;) SO it's been fitting that this pregnancy has been going so smoothly and that we're enjoying it as much as we have.

and on to the details of our week:)

UP dress - Target

due date:
may 10, 2012:)

boy or girl:
was just saying to someone:
"I feeeeellll like it's a girl. But I thinkkkkk it's a boy. Does that make sense?"

Innocent Target check-out girl...who only wanted to know if I wanted the pack of gum with me or in the bag:

dad just texted (YES...he's a full.ON.texter now;) a suggestion.
"How about the name Jonah???"

"Jonah's cute. I think he'd probably save whales or dolphins someday w/ a name like that. SO that's pretty cool."

the belly is my favorite:) IF there was any way to keep it like this for the remainder of the pregnancy...I WOULD!:)
ALSO. Belly button is moving out. It has been. It still is. And it will soon not be an 'in-e'. I have mixed feelings about this;)

like I said in my last post...just trying to test myself...exercise some self control and actually...literally...exercise;)

Water Aerobics has seriously been the best.thing.EVA!!! I love it so freaking much. I actually loved it so much last week that during class I almost cried. And this is how the conversation went in my head:
*jumping around in water*
"I'm feeling so FREAKING wonderful. This is just great. Here's my mom. Love her. Over there's Courts. Love her - not so much her hair. Does she HAVE to wear that swim cap. Lord;).
I feel good. I'm bouncing. I am one happy SOB.
Whoa...am I going to cry a little?! You best not cry. Every one's looking. While bouncing. OMG. This would be so awkward. Don't you DARE cry! Don't. *bounce* Don't. *bounce*"

luckily I was able to contain myself. For about 3 days. And then I had a serious cry. Andddd now all is good with the world. Sometimes this lady just gets E.MO.TION.AL. Period.

POINT: no news to report with the weight situation. I've just been feeling really good. Cut out fast food. Started Water Aerobics twice a week and just hoping for the best. I have a weigh-in in about 2 weeks and the GOAL (goallllll:) is to be at 163.

still some trial and error there. But again...this bump has been so fun to dress. SO I'm feeling really good about the clothing situation as of recent:)

baby buys:
i think I actually made it one full week without buying anything baby related. That's damn near a miracle. But that doesn't mean there are not a ton of things on my list. Take note:

Sophie the Giraffe - i knowwwww...they're super trendy. BUT I can see why:)
Vintage Brass Rocking Horse - pretty much will have at some point
Personalized Mother's Bracelets - would LOVE one of these with the baby's name letter:)
Minnetonka Moccasin - shut your pie hole...these are amazing!!!

yes. An expensive little list there folks:)

and from looking up the link for the dress I'm wearing in this post...I found another dress I want;) It probably won't suit me very well because I've got me some curves. But it looks pretty adorable and definitely doable with some layers...a cardy, belt...flops in the summer. Ahhhh. Looks so comfy:)

anddddd now I'm done:)

and no baby bump session, with Courts, would be complete without some kiddo's running through:) Still trying to get them to join in on a photo. Give the belly a hug or kiss. I've gotten no love so far;)

**for some reason the fonts and sizes are NOT cooperating tonight and before I throw my Mac against the wall....I GIVE IN!!!! falkhglkaghlkaghklaghlkagk**
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