Tuesday, January 31, 2012

L turns 4!:)

this wild and crazy cat turned 4 - FOUR - 4 yesterday!!!!

all the children before him bow down...for they know not what 'energy' is. This kid...he came out smiling and hasn't stopped since...except for those few times a day when he's not smiling. Crying actually;)

regardless. I think we were due for a shake-up when he came about. And we got nothing short of that:)

happiest of birthday's little L. You keep us on our toes:) We LOVE you:)

UP pre-party decorating with Aunt Casey:)
DOWN welcoming the guests!

UP jax-man:)

UP/DOWN lukey blowing out the candles!
Lots of great cake and cupcakes to choose from. Even pudding in a cup. Vanilla. Rainbow Colored. Pudding. *heavy sigh* Too good. TOO good:)

UP and of course no party would be complete without Jacob and I getting (tryinggggg) some photos together!!!:) And what kid party wouldn't have Jacob getting handsy?!;)
And YES. My face has gotten that big;)

YAY for birthdays!!! SO many more to come...a few in March. April...May...there may be no days left for birthday's when we get through with kids in this family;)
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