Sunday, January 22, 2012

annual party-ing:)

another year...another Smith Bros. Meat's Christmas Party:)

every year Smith Bros. - the family owned business that Jacob works for and will someday/maybe/we'll see/not sure what the deal taking over with his brother and cousin...has their annual 'Christmas Party'.

i very much enjoy seeing my family and the amazing food and the orange juice and seven up were were many other drinks that make you red in the cheeks and do, what we'll call, ridiculous 'silly' things. Ah, I could vomit on your faces about my disgust with the topic of 'drinking'. But I'll spare you. I once had my own struggles with drinking and never thought that our age group (late 20's-ish) would be the sober ones watching those twice our age get stupid 'silly''s a whole different perspective and an eye opener.

movinggggg on:)

some tidbits of our evening!!!

online <span class=
UP p showing off his hair growth progress:)

UP nasher being nasher:)

UP austyn made it long enough to eat...and then she passed out...and then the kids put wrapped gum in her mouth...which I took out...soon after taking a photo;)

UP/DOWN any opportunity to get a group Sista''s on:) These are 2 out of MANY!!!

PS. thank you mom for cutting me off RIGHT at the bump. Flattering...I think not;)

and then some photos of Jacob and I and baby...and another Smith Creeper;)

cute ones are usually followed by a few NOT so cute ones...that we weren't aware were being taken. Eeeeekkkkk;)

UP well helloooooo nap hair and double chin!!!

ah...the kid just loves me...and my ever growing bottom:):)

UP loving loving lovingggg my festive sweaterrrrrrr!:)

and that would be our night...or 1030PM;)

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