Saturday, January 21, 2012

festive sweater...TIE version.

i've been catching up on one of my favorite shows - Parks and Recreation. During one particular episode, Leslie wore an amazing tie sweater and of where to be found for us 'normal' folk:)
BUT that does not make me love it any less.

for those of you who know me well. You know I have a love for 'festive' sweaters. This can be animal animal...a few animals...a LOT of animals. Or something as fun as a simple tie. But I must always acquire one festive sweater a year. It's just how I roll.

remember the festive sweater I've already gotten our little baby (boy or girl will rock this equally as hard:)? Well...I plan to pass on my love for festive sweaters to our little one!!!:)

UP Etsy
our baby's future festive sweater! Eeeeek. Can't wait for those Christmas Photos;)

how amazing is this sweater!?:)

PS. the Reel Stylist also seems amazing because if you spot something being worn by someone on your favorite TV can possibly find that item/OR something similar (and cheaper:) here!!! Awesomeness.

UP and, obviously, the only one I could find, from Revolve Clothing, is ridiculously expensive and not near as cute. Boo:(
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