Tuesday, January 10, 2012

if you're in need of a kinda-slow dance:)

BACK STORY: jacob and I have lots of disgustingly adorable things we do for each other, as a way to remind the other how much we love them. Yep. Que vomit;) But that's something that's super important to us...to never forget how lucky we are to have one another.

back in the day...when we first dated right out of high school...we would always have the radio tuned to some oldies at night as background sleep noise and sometimes when a great slow song came on...we'd get out of bed and have ourselves a little dance:)
It's something we still randomly do.

we both really love music and I would say that our radio is on MUCH more than our 12 channel TV ever is. Which I love:) And today Jacob was reminded of this song that he really liked and decided that would be our next dance:)
i think the 'mama' reference in the song got him to thinking about me being a mom and still his sexy wife. Not so much the lady dancers in the video;)

SO if you can overlook the fact that this may be a completely slutty song, which was not what Jacob was intending to mean by choosing it...it works perfectly;)
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