Tuesday, January 10, 2012

week 23:)

today may not be the day that I'll be spilling over with love about this baby situation.

SIDE NOTE: love this baby...love love love it. Is it messing with my mindddddd daily? Yes. Just temptinggggg me to name it something stupid just to get back at it;)

i feel great most days and today was no exception. Maybe I need to take a break from the photos cause I think I feel fine up until we do our weekly bump photos and then I just feel like my already 'un-photogenic' self is pushed to the verge of looking....even worse. Arg. NOT throwing a pity party here folks (maybe/kinda...bring wine, balloons, candy and compliments?! please;).

POINT: i feel great until I don't. And that's really not often.

because a lot of these 'updates' were becoming repetitious and really not giving you anything new to read...I'll just cut out what hasn't changed and only update those things that have:)

due date: may 10, 2012:)

weight: i'm pretty sure I'm over 160 at this point. And I've given in to the fact that walking - no walking, naps - no naps, healthy eating or not...this body is just going to keep gaining at a rapid pace. sigh:(
Weigh-in to come on Thursday.

body: having some troubles with acne and that is another reason for the attitude. Sometimes I feel like this baby is reallllllly pushing me to be the most PATIENT person in the world - perhaps preparation for motherhood?!. Just when I think I'm down with the whole 'body changing' situation...it throws in massive acne. Just for shits and giggles. Just to SEE if I'll have a complete meltdown. Grrrr. Fighting the urge...mostly because I'm not entirely sure my salty tears will have a positive affect on what's left of my clear skin:(

wardrobe: i think this is the main reason I'm feeling a bit...down at the moment. And there's no one to blame but myself. I'm just not taking the time to find things in my closet that I feel comfortable and cute in. And SO I leave the house feeling like I look 'overweight' and not 'cute and pregnant'.
SO again...making it a goal to put in the time and hopefully that will change my attitude.
MIND YOU...this attitude is only happening at the moment and it's unfortunate that it's happening now, when I'm trying to write this post...the majority of the time I feel down right scrumptious:)

baby buys: no new buys for the baby. Pat on back:)
I will be visiting a friend in the Cities Friday and hoping to get a fewwwww things to add to my wardrobe and to get myself out of this pregnancy fashion funk!!!

area rugs. Hoping to have those crossed off the list after this visit to the Cities also:)

also...Baby Shower Invites are printed. Envelopes have arrived in the mail and within 24 hours....I KID.YOU.NOT...Courts finished addressing them. (I have horrendous penmanship...she has rockin' writing - seriously...if you're looking to have something cutely addressed for a great price..she's SO good - check out some of her doings HERE and HERE. Helllooooo Lovelies!!!!:)

UP shower invitation envelopes. All addressed and ready to be stamped and filled:)

NOTE TO SELF: send for an envelope sample next time...colors on screen in NO way represent what you'll be getting. They're green. Green green green. Not exactly what I had envisioned.

UP so excited for the Baby Shower decorations I've put together so far. Courts and the kiddos helped me with some and there are some things I've been doing on my own in my spare-time. And so far they're coming out so cute!

UP can you see the happy all over this face!? Eeeeeek. At the time and again now after looking at this photo...I'm thinking...WHY the huge boobs?! Really!? That bra is helping NO ONE.

the Baby Shower is exactly 2 months away. This baby is not far behind.
Weighing in at about 1lb and the size of a large mango...whatever that is...this baby is growing:)

jacob has decided to take a full week off with me after the baby arrives and I couldn't be happier. I love when he comes up with these 'master plans' all on his own cause I hadn't really thought about how much time I'd hoped to have him with me immediately following the baby's arrival. So this is good news:)

i'm excited about the fact that that week is probably going to be the most exhausting/romantic/restful/adventurous/entertaining/dirtiest/scary weeks...and we'll be doing it together (and by together, I mean Me, Jacob, the baby anddddd my sisters and mom cause I'm sure we'll be on the phone with them asking how to keep this baby alive;).:)

and now because of Jacob and this baby...I'm feeling back to myself. Life is good:)
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