Sunday, January 8, 2012

daily happenings:)

a lot of my spare time is spent taking photos of these kiddo's right here. I need to put some of that photo-taking energy into taking pictures of everything else too...until then...:)

UP on rare occasions, I get to wake baby Drew up from a nap and those are the most snugly times and the times when her hair is the weirdest. She's so freaking adorable:) Here I am taking photos of her eating Lucky Charms, while I eat Lucky Charms:)

UP the biggest personalities in our niece/nephew bunch right here;) The boys saying bye to me through the window;)

UP luke with his headphones on, playing with mom's iPhone:) It gets intense.

UP jacob and I and my 3rd kitty cocktail. mmmm:)

last night, before the above photo was taken of Jacob and I at a Wedding Reception, my sister and I went and registered for this child...the one in me:)

after 2 hours and 2 dead register gun batteries...we got it. Unfortunately, everything was picked over because of the New Year's sales...SO I'll have to go back and re register in a few weeks. Which is totally fine. Then Jacob gets a chance to go (I haven't broken this 'good' news to him yet;).

i had prepared myself prior to going down. I thought that there was probably a pretty likely chance I would cry. Cause apparently that's what I do;) But it really wasn't so bad. As I saw other couples wandering around - registering for stupid stuff they wouldn't need;) - Mal lead me to exactly what I would need. Which made me feel WAY better about the idea of those other couples thinking I had no baby daddy;)

in the end, I learned that I need to work on my listening skills.
As Mal went on and on and onnnnnn about the need for this certain paste for something on the baby's and Luke shot each other with the register gun;) When Jacob and I talked about the experience later, I was only able to tell him that babies need a lot of 'stuff' and there would have been NO way we could have registered on our own cause we would have printed off a list with candy and cute socks on it.

POINT: we are registered. And in no way does that mean we are any more prepared for this baby than before. Excited though?!...hell yes:)
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