Saturday, January 7, 2012

in my cart...

below are things in stores...that I have been unable to commit too. Maybe today!?:)

West Elm - Jute Rug 8x10 $279
we're in need of an area rug for our living room. Wood Floored Living Room. I love our wood floors but I have plans on laying our baby in that living room and I'm guessingggggg wood floors aren't going to be too baby friendly at times?!
PS. how expensive are freaking area rugs?!?! ARG!!

in addition to the West Elm rug above, I thought we'd grab this little guy. When baby wants to hang-out on the floor, we'll put this down for some extra cushion and any other'll (the rug:) lounge on the back of a chair:)
i found this adorable little deal through A Cup Of Jo (perfect site for all things good:). She mentioned that besides using it for your lips, it's also good for dry skin, sun burns and diaper rash. Um...GREAT to have in the purse or diaper bag:)
And because of the price...thought it'd be something I grab a couple extra for me, possible gift for someone else!:)

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