Tuesday, January 3, 2012

week 22:)

due date: may 10, 2012:)

boy or girl: could go either way at this point:)

names: no new names to report...I think we're finally pretty comfortable with what we have and it'll just come down to the day baby arrives to decide:)

belly: the belly seems to grow a bit more everyyyyyy day. Normal...not so sure;)

nausea: none...as long as I keep my hands off my belly button;)

stretch markssss: no new ones that I can see but again, the old ones seem to be looking more obvious. Unavoidable, so I'm not really too worried about such things:)

weight: the last time I weighed-in...maybe this weekend?! I was at 159. EEEEK. Although, that's not terrible. At this point it's coming on at about a 1lb per week.

TOTAL WEIGHT GAIN (so far): 19lbs.
The books are saying that I should be at 10-15lbs. of weight gain. But they're dumb. So there;)

i AM signed up for some Water Aerobics Classes twice a week, starting on 1/16. I'm very excited about this and think it'll help me to keep the weight-gain in check because it goes right up until shortly before my due date! YAY:)
And Jacob and I have cut out fast food. Boo:( There were definitely withdrawals but feeling SO much better already:)

touch: none this week. Thanks much:)

wardrobe: i'm kinda chomping at the bit to do a little shopping. NOT much. For real. Not much. But there are a few things on my list:
- long-ish black cardy (something to cover my butt and that I can wear over dresses and tanks)
- some tops...long ones
- a few dresses (something I can wear during AND after baby) but must be calf length.
All of the dresses I thoughttttt would be adorable with tights and boots during pregnancy are all now WAY too short to bed dresses. They are tops now. Blah.

baby buys: as mentioned in the 21 week post...my friend got the Shower Invites all done! YAY. Envelopes were ordered tonight and below is a sneak peek of the invites. Nothing super special...although, they're super special to me:)

UP i also purchased a bassinet through someone I work with.
It was only $60, normally over $200 - Round Bassinet!!
PS. i plan to take off that horrendous canopy and possibly sand it up a bit and paint it. We shall see.
PPS. it's actually much smaller than it looks in the photo...if you make a circle with your arms out in front of you, that's about how big it is. It'll be perfect beside our bed for night time feedings and such (oh, man...I just said that...'night time feedings'...something will be feeding...OFF ME...at night. Uh. Say what?!)

POINT: really loving that I've been able to get so many of the big ticket baby room items for so few dollas'.!:)

UP drew baby thought I needed some crackers during the photo shoot:)

thanks to Courts for snapping some pics of me today. It was too damn cold out to get any outdoor shots, those are my favorites...always better light:) And, unfortunately, my face has not been working with me these last few weeks (and by that I mean...it's cleared up acne wise - YUM. But the double chin and awkward nose angle, making it look HUGE and my inability to find a smile I LIKE...). SO until it gets it's shit together...I'll be cutting it out completely. GRRRRRR!!!

butttttt otherwise Week 22 has been another amazing week:) The baby has been moving much more. A lot during the day and especially while I'm at work. Not sure if he likes when I'm sitting or if he's now recognizing that slight annoyance in my voice as I answer phone call after phone call...I think he knows me all too well already;)

mostly excited about what's to come and trying to enjoy EVERY second of it. Trying to find adorable outfits that make me feel really good. And trying not to sleep 14 of the 24 hrs. in my day...but I can't deny that that has been somewhat enjoyable:)
All is well and Jacob and I are both really excited and seeing the little invites for the Shower has gotten us even more excited. Jacob's already brainstorming what cute - mini foods he can make for the event...be prepared to be fed...real good:)

over 1/2 way there...and nope...I'm told I can't turn back;)
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