Sunday, February 5, 2012

get festive. loveeeee festive:)

Valentine Love Card, You Make My Heart Happy $3

Valentine's Day is really not a recognized holiday in our home. Not because we're completely against it...but there is a lot of hype behind it and I guess we choose to be obnoxiously in love most every day;) SO we're covered there. BUT we do usually exchange cards...I love adding cards to our little collection. So that is one expectation I have. AND if we had a market or anythingggg closer to would be expected too. Grocery store flowers really don't do it for me;)

POINT: regardless of us celebrating it...I love anything festive and most things in this post qualify:)

UP this kinda stuff makes me want to send out tons of snail mail:)

UP/DOWN i love love loveeeeee festive clothing or accessories and that headband and sweaters fit the bill!
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