Tuesday, May 29, 2012

daily happenings:)

just some things we've been up to lately....besides enjoying the weather (which seems to fluctuate from 90 HOT to 40 COLD in a matter of 8 hours!!!!)...we've basically just been hanging out with Homer and watching the days fly by!!!:(

soon I'll be back to work but in the mean time, just going to keep trying to enjoy our time off as much as possible...and spend the least amount of money as possible while doing that;)

i took Homer to his first Antique Store!!! Both Jacob and I really love Antique Stores. Flea Markets. Garage Sales. Really annnnnyyyything that we can dig through in hopes of finding a gem:) Homer on the other hand...still doesn't have a great appreciation for antiquing. He slept through the whole thing;)

UP i was SO close to buying these brass elephant book ends. Homer needs some book ends for all those amazing books we've received!!! These (there were 2) were on Sale from $95 to $45...but I just couldn't bite the bullet:( Didn't seem quite right to spend that much on book ends when I'm not really pulling my weight, income-wise, at the moment. SO holding out for something a bit more in our price range:)

i'm a bit behind on photos and keeping you guys updated on what's been going on but hopefully that will change in the coming days!!! SO much has been happening...kinda...sorta...well, maybe we've just been taking lots of photos of us doing nothing:)
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