Sunday, September 30, 2012

if the crown fits...

homer doesn't turn ONE for another 7 months. Or not at all if I'm able to stop time before that.

New Goal: stop time;)

anddddd now I'm crying at the thought of my precious baby boy turning ONE:'(

POINT: Etsy birthday crowns.

aren't these adorable?!?! Jacob and I have talked a lot about the things we want for Homer...and Birthday Parties are not one of those things. I'm sure he'll be attending plenty with all his cousins - although, my sister's (with 9 kids between them) have kinda gotten on board with skipping the parties as well. - Thank gawd;)

does this mean Homer won't have a special day?! Absolutely not! We're gonna make it obnoxiously special;) Maybe streamers outside his door or a room full of balloons to wake up to. When I was a kid...who am I kidding...still to this day;)...we all - and by all...I mean my sisters and I, our husbands, mom and dad and all the kiddos - pick out what we want for dinner and then our immediate family gets together. Believe me...that ends up being a plenty big party. There are about 22 of us in our IMMEDIATE family. 

jacob and I also agreed on a no gift policy. IF they insisted that they MUST spend money on Homer for his Birthday, we only ask that they talk to us first and if there are specific things he needs, we can make a suggestion. Otherwise, we'd rather they just put some money in his savings or books. Boring. I knowwwww;) The point of all that is to avoid an over abundance of toys. It's just not necessary and we hope to avoid having to sift through mounds of toys every year for Goodwill.

jacob and I also discussed only getting Homer a few, select things for his birthday's...and Christmas. For example. For Christmas Santa is bringing Homer a sled (don't ask me how I know this;) and then Jacob and I plan to get his first pair of real awesome shoes and possibly a new outfit....and there will be stocking stuffers of Disney DVD's and books and such...

anyhoo. I know it's sometimes hard not to just spoil the shit out of them because they are adorable and all those clothes are super tiny and adorable and you just want to give them everything in the whole wide world. But we hope to keep things as minimal as possible and even looking at the above paragraph seems like we're already getting a bit overboard;)
I guess thinking back on my childhood...we didn't get a crazy amount of presents. I remember always being completely happy with what we found under the tree on Christmas morning but now, as an adult, I know that we got less than a lot of the other kids I knew. This was in no way a bad thing. And as I've said a million times before: I only hope Jacob and I do for Homer what my parents did for my sisters and I. And that was time together. Family vacations and a million amazing memories to look back on.

have I mentioned lately how lucky I am??!?!
Yep. Spoiled rotten;)

jacob will have to have a matching one when he sees this;)

homer would be freaking adorable in a little crown on his birthday!!! Those photos are going to be perfect:)

all of the 4 crowns above can be found HERE:)

and because my birthday is coming up quickly - March;) I figured I need to start thinking about ways to make MY day super amazing also...or ways for Jacob to make my day super amazing;)

this is no ordinary birthday. This will be my 30th. Mind. Blown. I'm in no way nervous about turning 30. I sure do like 29 and wish I could stick with that number a tad longer. BUT 30 will be just fine:) BUT I do want to kick it up a notch because it's kindaaaa a big deal. SO a crown will be necessary:)
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