Monday, October 8, 2012

month five:)

our little honey is five months old today. I haven't cried. I did lose my breath a bit at the thought of it the other day. *Sigh*

here's a conversation Courts and I had on the subject:

ME: coming over between shifts tomorrow to do Homer's 5 month pics. Don't let me forget and do NOT go into labor and ruin his 5 month birthday pics;) AND now I'm crying cause he was never supposed to be 5 months. Just a baby. Forever:'(

COURTS: LOL. I just did the same thing with Nash a bit ago. He's just too damn cute!

ME: I seriously don't know how I'm going to deal with him growing up. This is hard. I cry a lot. When people aren't looking:(

COURTS: It's hard and unfortunately, it never gets better.

ME: not cool.

make gif

thanks for the pics Courts:)

i wish I had a ton of updates on what Homer's doing...maybe I'm not as on top of things as I'd like to be...not a super mom;) He hasn't had a 4 month appointment I said previously, he'll be doing all that at his 6 month appointment next month. After that I'll have some actual stats.

break for vomiting. My child will be 6 months old:(

BUT he has been doing some pretty amazing things for a 5 month old. LIKE:

- grabbing his feet and pulling them up to his face. adorabllllleeeee.

- grabbing at anything. including extra skin on my neck, chest and chin that I was probably aware of but in complete denial of:(

- rolling from his back to belly. he's a bum so this doesn't happen all that often.

- he's all smiles. all.the.time:)

- surprising me with blow out diapers at least once a week. i've had poop on my hands more times than I thought possible. i no longer fear shit. actual shit.

or wait..are these completely standard things for a 5 month old to be doing;)? Sure are;) But I'm sure Homer does it all in a way more amazing way than all those other lame 5 month olds;)

although, Homer turning 5 months old is exciting and all...we're WAY more excited about the looming arrival of another niece or nephew!!!! Court and Dave are due to have their 7th teeny baby TODAY!!!!! It doesn't look like today's gonna happen...but it will be this week:) I'm soooo excited to find out whether it's a girl or boy and what the name is! 

also...I've been named the 'Messenger'. I'm sure you're already aware...but I'll clarify...The Messenger is the HUB of all the baby-having information. Courts has a contraction. She texts me. Courts' water breaks - or so she thought but it was actually just some pee. She texts me. Courts does ANYTHING disgusting/beautiful/silly/gross/awesome pertaining to the birth of that child. She texts me. And then I have complete power over who finds out that information. Que the evil laugh;)

because the other sister's are probably wondering WHY on earth I would be the 'chosen' one. I'll list a couple of the most obvious ones:
- i'm up at all hours of the night
- i've promised her I would bring Starbucks and TB to the hospital as soon as the baby is 'out'
- i'm most definitely the MOST excited about this baby!!!!!!
- and I'm her best friend in the whole world. She didn't say this out loud....but there was a look;)

initially I thought it was a little girl. I'm still pretty convinced of this. BUT how amazing would it be for Homer to have a little boy cousin who he can run wild with!? Oh man. So excited!!!:)

and so. Homer is 5 months today and we're I'm celebrating with a glass of wine. Homer's celebrating by staying up past his bed time:) 

happy birthday baby boy. 
sorry about all those just loves you too much;)
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