Saturday, October 6, 2012

the oxford trunk.

holy lord. I don't know if it's the cold weather - reminding me that Christmas is on it's way. The fact that we'll have less money than we've EVA had very soon - with me cutting hours at work to stay home with Homer boy:). OR if I've just lost my damn mind...

but if I did have some money to throw around...even a teeeennnyyyy little bit. I'd be ordering most everything from The Oxford Trunk.

completely cute. completely affordable. Gimmie.

i know these are a bit trendy but this is the first one that I feel like could REALLY be me. I like. I want. I want to wear it with something fancy. I want to wear it with my gray tshirt:)

 Slouchy Beanie $14.50
you can never have toooooo many beanie's and I'm always on the hunt for the perfect one:)

i'm not one for wearing a lot of jewelry but this style really seems to be working for me!

my rock loving husband would want me to have this;) And it kinda inspired me to maybe take one of the rocks he found on our vacation and see about having it put on a chain:)

reminds me of something my sister, Pigg, would wear:)

 BAGGU x3 $24
i love love love these bags. I only have a few but would love to have a few more for grocery shopping!

a great stocking stuffer, don't cha think mother;)

i already have my Minnetonka Fringed Boots but these are just so great too!! Darn my love for a good boot;)
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