Saturday, October 13, 2012

tis' the season...

after our days in WI start turning to highs of 45...there's not much more to look forward to until Christmas. That's why I start dreaming of the Holiday's already in October:):)

therefore...I've been working on some Christmas Lists for our little family of 3:) I don't know that they actually qualify as a 'real' list...seeing as most of it is over what people would normally spend on us OR what we'd ever spend on ourselves. BUT a girl can dream;) 

my wish list

so. We got a veryyyy cool vintage record player from my parents last year. It ended up not working:/ SO I only put this photo on here cause I either want this one. OR I'd like Jacob (or anyone;) to surprise me with a fixed record player!!! I'm ready to enjoy some records and I'm sad that I've let a year go by without having a record player in the house!!!

they have so many more great records available. BUT I've seen so many records at garage sales and flea markets and I should have been collecting them over the last year. BUT I will feel much more motivated to do that as soon as I have a working record player: see above;)

3. Cdock $55 (black)

my cousin, Neen, inspired me to find a cuter home for my iPhone to rest when charging. This is so cool!!

unfortunately, I want the big bottle. I'm finalllllyyyy running low on all my perfumes. Veryyyy low. And I've been waiting for that day for a LONG time cause I just couldn't bring myself to buy MORE perfume with all the perfume I still had sitting there. Well, the day has come. And I want the big bottle. No more baby bottles of perfume! Just one...big...expensive...beautiful bottle:)

i may have a slight obsession with watches. Oops:)

these aren't necessarily the exactttt version I want/need;) but this gives you an idea. I was actually thinkinggggg of getting a super inexpensive pair from KMart...just to see if I'd actually wear them before spending so much...

8. The Oxford Trunk - Baggu x3 $24
you really can't ever have enough of these!

9. Call it Spring - Arleigh Flats $25 (light silver)
i have wanted a pair of leopard flats for quite some time...but haven't found the right pair. I wear a lot of black and thought it'd be fun to have something on my feet to spruce things up. These are a little less 'obvious' than the leopard ones...which I like:)

my wish list for homer

i realize the plastic ones are cheaper...but I just have my heart - er...I mean...Homer's heart is set on this one;) This is something Jacob and I Santa;) is going to get for Homer for Christmas. We're excited that he'll be sitting up by that time, on his own and then we can pull him around the yard on those days that aren't too cold:)

this is another item that Jacob and I are planning to get for Homer for Christmas ourselves:) His first pair of big boy shoes...:)

3. Amazon - The First Years Jet Stroller $39 (black)

4. Amazon - Disney Movies $varies
i think as Homer gets older, these are going to make the best stocking stuffers. I got this idea from my sister, Mal. Her boys really love getting movies and I can' t think of many I'd rather have him addicted to then Disney (orrrrr a Romantic Comedy;).

my wish list for Jacob

this would just be amazinggggg for Jacob. He's a HUGE. HUGE. Ridiculoulsy HUGE...I have I meantioned he likes Star Wars;)?? I know I posted about this before but it's something I thought my mom could maybe get Jacob and my dad would make some frames for them AND then in our future our future home's office...we could have these awesome posters hanging:)

2. Gander Mtn. - Gift Card $varies

3. Scheels - Gift Card $varies

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