Tuesday, February 12, 2013


this is getting fun now!!! Trying to really come up with something creative to do once a week is harder than it sounds!

tonight I was laying in bed after Homer went down at 830PM. I was laying there thinking - it's freaking EIGHT-THIRTY. Jesus. I'm in bed!!!???
So, obviously, I called Jacob into the room - hold that thought...we're not going thereeeee;)

anyhoooooo;) He came in and we were chit chatting about how I wished we had brownies or soft chocolate chip cookies or ice cream - hold up...I'm not pregnant!!! Grrr;)

POINT: i made him carry me to the kitchen for an apple.

this is something I never make him do. And it actually made me wonder why I don't make him do this more often;) But he did it...without tooooo much strain...and then it occurred to me: get a pic for week SIX!!!!!:)

and here you go!


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