Saturday, February 9, 2013

homer goodness:)

homer's been a busy boy in January - in turn,  making my life busy:). Mostly just growing up and growing his hair out a bit. I think I'm now that mom that doesn't realize his hair is totally weird...long in some spots...non existent in others;) But I AM officially that mom that will cut you if you cut his hair without my permission. And that permission will never be given. As out of control as it may get by his 1st Birthday, in 3 months - holy crap. holy crap. holy crap - we're gonna wait and see how this hair thing plays out before we buzz it:)

on that's our boy in January:)

homer likes to eat. He likes to eat on his own. We cut up small chunks for him and he's definitely getting better and better about eating harder things. We still boil the carrots and such so that they're a bit more tender.

his current favorites being blueberries and raisins. Have you ever seen blue, human shit, with 10 whole raisins in it? You haven't lived till you do;)

take note that he's near toilet paper...yep. He's in the bathroom. This is sometimes the ONLY way I get to shower:)

on this particular morning he was munching on fried eggs with tomatoes and a side of raisins;)

my new favorite time of day: nap time. Not because Homer's asleep for 1-3 hours - I DO miss him and check on him constantly during that time - BUT it also gives me a chance to catch-up on things I can't get done the rest of the day. Sometimes I do get some zzz's in there too but not too often.
I've been snapping a photo a few times a week of him in my arms right before I put him down in his crib. I gotta tell's hard to put him down:( I already miss those first 4 months where he slept with me.

both Jacob and I work a lot of weekends. I also work quite a few nights too. I live for these photos Jacob sends of him and Homer hanging out while I'm gone. Puts a big smile on my face while I'm at work:)
I send Jacob and lot of videos and photos of Homer and I while he's at work. We like to remind daddy that we love him and appreciate him working so hard so we can stay home and 'play';)

that IS my breast he's feeding off of...not a beach ball (my heads not in the game...having a hard time coming up with a large/white/smooth/round object to compare it too;)

this is the last time I nursed Homer and it actually gets me choked up a bit...I know I'll be nursing (god-willing it goes as well with the next kiddos as it did with Homer:) again...but never Homer. That's a hard first to move on from. He was 8 months and one week old when I stopped. He'd already started on solids at about 6-1/2 months and I'd stopped pumping while at we had started the process of weaning. Next time...I'll be going longer. Hopefully 9 or 10 months. Luckily, I had pumped enough to give Homer breast milk instead of formula after weaning but I still wish I would have kept going for a bit longer. Although...I know whenever we would have would have been hard. Stopping...was hard. Homer and I had a great experience together and I can't wait to do it again:)

SIDE NOTE: exclusively breast feeding Homer for those first 6-1/2 months was also the ultimate burn. Anything Jacob did...I could throw in his face that Homer was ONLY alive because of me and what my body was providing for him.

jacob: can I go hang-out with my bestie (yeah...he doesn't use that term;) for a few hours?
me: you want to what...with who...for HOW long...while I just sit here and make our child LIVE?!?!

jacob: you want to split a bag of skittles?
me: it's MY milk that has made his body get BIGGER...don't you GET THAT!?!?

see. It really works with ANYTHING;)

one of my most favorite photos of Homer to date! Just shows what a happy boy he truly is. And look at those feet crossed?!?! Lord. He's the best:) Thanks to auntie Mal for snapping this amazing photo!

and here we have perfect examples of the hair situation;)

homer and I take a Mom & Tot swimming class on Monday nights. It's just 30 minutes in the pool together. We float around...kick...splash:) Homer is really enjoying it! We've even dunked him twice and he hasn't freaked out! I'd love for him to be super comfortable in the water!:)

my handsome husband...Homer's amazing dad...puts in long hours...a lot:/ Like I said earlier, we remind him often how proud and appreciative we are of what he does to keep me home part-time with Homer. We go visit him when we can. I try to make meals at home. Keep the house, relatively, clean. Dishes and laundry done. Anything I can do to take some of the weight off. Although, Jacob doesn't expect any of this. He's too damn good to us:)

my godson, Jax, and Homer hanging out during mine and auntie Mal's coffee mornings:)

this kid cracks me up! These photos weren't taken on the same night but they are a perfect example of his attitude. Happy. Sad. In a matter of seconds;)

auntie Mal teaching Homer some dance moves. This doesn't seem like a good idea on any level;) Homer was seriously cracking up!!!:)

homer had shoved himself out of his car seat, mid fit. He's made it perfectly clear that he's ready for a car seat upgrade;)

winter in WI can make it difficult to spend much time outdoors. Especially with a little Homer:) But when the wind dies down and it's anything above 20, we can be found getting in a walk:)

we usually make our way past the new house during these walks. We check up on it daily. Just to look at it. Remind ourselves that it's ours:)

bath time is also a great time. Now that Homer can just chill in there and play around...I'm able to sit in there with him and chill too!! Sometimes I have a little glass of wine and a book and we have 20 minutes of down time:)

this little boy has been so good to us:)
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