Saturday, February 9, 2013

me likes: glitter flats

i just recently picked up these beauties (or super uglies...if gold-Michael Jackson-ish glitter flats aren't your thing;) from Target. The plan is to stance the night away in these for my, upcoming, 30th - holy crap. holy crap. holy crap - birthday!!

SIDE NOTE: my March 23rd, 30th birthday, started on January 1. All purchases between January 1 and March 23rd are guilt-free 'i deserve it cause it's my birthday' purchases;)

below are a few inspirations from Polyvore to help me in styling these. As amazing as I may think they are...they are a bit difficult to just throw with any old outfit. Birthday's are perfect for glitter and over the top outfits...but 30 feels a bit different. I must feel amazing and glittery and classssssyyyy...but people around me must think "how hot is that 30yr old (they'll only know I'm 30 because of the amazing crown I'll be wearing...otherwise, they would have assumed I was 27;) stancing in those fabulous gold glitter flats?!?!".

Leopard Spots-Under the Influence

Madewell glitter shoes

although the shoes in these examples aren't the exact ones I bought....I think the point is to make the gold glitter work!:) 

the outfit above is pretty laid back. Maybe something I'd wear to work - IF I were scheduled to work on my birthday, which I am not:)


this outfit is perfect. Festive. But not TOO festive;) Animal print is not always the right route...for anyone...but if done correctly...rarrrrrr;) 


actual animal face/body print. Always a good idea, in my book:) Love the addition of more gold accessories in this look!!

Get the Look - Blair of Atlantic Pacific

Get the Look - Blair of Atlantic Pacific by kendrascott featuring metal shirts

amazing patterned/colored, yes. This look combines 3 of my favorite things:
- gold
- black
- festive pants

i'll report back in a few weeks with Birthday Festivity photos!! Plans have already begun on what we'll be doing to celebrate this momentous occasion. No surprise party but lots o' fun will be had:)
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