Sunday, February 3, 2013

homer wear:)

this handsome boy is growing up too quickly!!:) This week he started army crawling. Not quite a full.on.crawl. BUT he's pulling himself around and then trying to hoist himself up next to things! It's exciting...but scary! Time to start baby proofing things that he could, potentially, pull down on himself!

1 Carters - Bodysuits (similar)

2 H&M - Onesie (similar)

3 GAP - Cargo Pants (similar)

this face cracks me up;)

we're looking forward to the Spring. We're anxious for our daily walks and just spending some time outdoors. And not having to be SO bundled up everyday! I keep envisioning a small blow-up pool in the back yard with Homer splashing around while I read a book *sigh*. SOON!:)
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