Thursday, February 14, 2013

month nine:)

our boy, Homer, is already 9 months old...make that 9 months and 5 days - sorry for the delay:) I'm doing okay with 9 months. I can handle that. BUT 10 months...11 months. Um. No thank you. I will not be participating in that situation.

as usual, Courts got me some great photos of Homer and I figured since I'm always there, behind the camera, trying to make him smile...why not get a photo of the 2 of us together every now and again:)

there's not a whole lot to report on the Homer front. He's (army) crawling all over the place! Giving my ear drums his lungs a work-out with his screaming:/ He's also starting to recognize people a bit more. When Jacob gets home he gets SO exciteddddd!!! Makes me a bit pissed off sad cause he doesn't really get that excited to see me, although, I'm sure it's because I get to spend a lot more time with him. Makes me want to start reminding him that I'M the one wiping his ass daily...I'M the one getting him those raisins and blueberries he can't seem to live without...NOT dad;) Maybe I should think about taking a week long vacation to a beach somewhere...just to see if I could get that same excited reaction upon my return;)

he's got quite the range of emotions...much like his mama;) How does a 9 month old learn how to throw fits??!;)

oh, I should mention that Homer had his 9 month appointment on Monday. It was quittttteee a long wait...the appointment lasted over 1-1/2 hours from start to finish and involved 3 shots!!!:/ BUT my little man took it all in stride!!!:) He's weighing in at 18 pounds and 4 perfect ounces:) The doctor said he's tall, thin and has a big ol' noggin!!;) AND she was super impressed that he's gone 9 months being a healthy little ox! I've been knocking on ALL woods that have crossed my path since...we'd like to keep up this healthy streak!!!

PS. happy Valentine's Day to all you lovey birds out there! Homer and I spent it cleaning the house and  making Grandma make us lunch:) I had to work tonight but am going home to some chocolate covered strawberries, a bath and wine. It shall be amazing:)

and then if you're feeling bad about eating too much Valentine's junk/candy/dinner...this should help bring it all back up...;) not for real. But is!!!!!!! Makes me so happy and sad and SUPER Happy and SUPER dark place in my mind sad...all at the same time. I miss my tiny baby but I'm so proud of my growing boy:):)
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