Saturday, February 16, 2013

want it saturday.

i've been in love with the Nanette boot for quite some time. I really wanted them for this Spring. SO...I want them right now! But of course, they're sold out...everyyyyyy where! 

then I found the Silas boot. Amazing as well. Guess what....SOLD OUT. God damnnnnn!!! Can't a girl - one that shouldn't be spending money but has a birthday coming up in 35 days, which means I should get what I want...when I want it - catch a break!??!?!!? Damn!!!!;)

below are a few booties that I've found that COULD replace the ones I've had my heart set on...

as you can see...I have my hands full with options:) My favorites, found through DSW, were the Diba Elyse, Fantasy Western and the Chana. All pretty cute and would be great options during Fall, Winter AND Spring:)

Casual Inspired

Lyndon Brevik

Lyndon Brevik by drizzlyrainbowchunk featuring river island

loving the above inspiration, found through Polyvore. Great ways to make the booties work with both jeans/skinnies or a dress!!!!

i may have to bump these booties up from the ol' Wants List to the, more current - and more likely to be purchased - Birthday List;)
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