Monday, February 18, 2013

homer wear:)

1 Gordmans - Brewer's Tshirt (similar)

2 Gordmans - Awesome Tighty Pants (similar)

3 ShooShoos - Soft Baby Shoes (similar)

what can I say?!?! He just makes tighty pants loookkkkk goooooddddd;)

i think Homer is really starting to get into these little photo shoots! The dinosaur face may be my all.time.favorite!!!!:) And check out those little hippo teeth!?!?! By god. He's a cutie. A bit of a head case...but mostly a cutie;)

we got this little Brewer shirt for Homer when he was just a teeny baby! I never, honestly, thought he'd get big enough to fit into it:/ But here we are! Jacob and I are really hoping we can take Homer to his first Brewer Game this summer!!! Or at the very least...get Gram's (mom;) to watch him for a night so we can go ourselves...of course, we'll tell Homer alllll about it when we get home;)

DISCLAIMER: this outfit wasn't and never would be approved by Jacob.

daddy thinks I'm making Homer a sensitive little boy by dressing him a taddddd girly sometimes. I promised to lay off the tighty pants if he can promise me a little girl next time around...;)
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