Wednesday, March 13, 2013

homer wear:)

oh, Homer's Nap Time, you are too good to me;) I've been getting a wee bit of blogging in. Laundry going. House is clean. Dishes are done. I'm hoping for a shower yet...but even if that didn't will still have been an amazing run;)

sooooo. I've got so many Homer Wear posts waiting in the wings. Cute ones. Seriously...cute:) I can't wait to share them all with you! It's been such a fun way to get some photos of Homer on my 'big girl' camera and I just really look forward to it!!!

1 Gift - similar

2 Gift - similar

4 Gift - HIPPO
(I know this gift was for Homer but it may be one of my favorites - thanks again Becky!!:)

jacob and I have decided that Homer wasn't too real, up until this point. Now he does...stuff. He moves around. He grabs at things. He talks. Oh man...he talks...and screams;) And makes faces. Funny faces!! And he just lights up when he sees people that are familiar to him! Especially, when Jacob gets home from work:) 
I surely miss the baby phase but I'm loving watching him turn into an independent little boy:)
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