Wednesday, March 13, 2013


cooking has never been my strong suit...wait...lets try that again.

i think I can cook. I think I'd actually be relatively good. I don't though. Pure laziness;) 

for real though, I think years of not really being able to afford to get groceries has attached a negative feeling towards cooking. Now that Homer is here, we're kinda forced to have food in the least for him...but we still haven't gotten that much better. And now that we're balancing 2 mortgages...groceries has still drifted to the bottom of the list of things to do:/ 

i'm hoping in the coming year. With the sale of our current home and having our finances finally settle...we'll be in a place where I'm able to just see a recipe, write it down and get everything to make it - what a dreamer I am;). Until then...we try to find little things we can do to keep our belly's full and happy:)

here's a recipe I found on the adorable M Loves M blog:)

ours is kids play compared to hers;) We used things we already had around the we weren't able to use fresh basil. And I dare you to find a fresh baguette in Colby. DARE YOU!!!!!;)
But it was still pretty scrumptious, so I imagine the exact recipe is probably amazingggggggg!!!!

SIDE NOTE: jacob was confused about where the meat was..."where's the meat? there's no meat? what do you mean you don't put meat on it?" ;)

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