Sunday, April 14, 2013

moa 2013 wish list:)

our annual Mall of America (MOA) trip is a mere 4 days away!!!!:):)

i'm leaving Homer and Jacob behind to spend too much money on myself for 11.5 hours straight.

it shall be glorious;)

here's a quick list of things that I'm hoping to grab while there and you can check out my fellow MOA Junkie's list HERE:)

some colorful summer sandals to spice things up:)

another past want that I'm hoping to finally purchase are these kitten heels! Great for work:)

i can't remember the last time I purchased a bra...maybe a nursing one? But it's definitely time:/ These are adorable and super affordable:)

i currently have what you call a 'mom purse' but I need something a bit easier for lugging around. Here's the one I have - it's hard to hold Homer AND this purse. So I need to upgrade to something that I can hold in my arm or cross body AND still fit a diaper, snack and wipes in:)

the skinny belts in my closet are down for the count...literally falling apart:/

tank tops are on the list. Something that's just a step above completely plain:)

this perfume has been on my list for quite some time. I have a hard time spending TOO much money on things. Tis why Target is so doable...not SO expensive. BUT this year I saved my Gift Certificates from the last 2 Christmas' and have $50 to put towards this purchase:)

starbucks is always a necessity...normally in hand within minutes of walking through those doors! This year I have a $15GC. Boom.

i want a gold pinky ring:)

this year is going to be pretty fantastic. Extra fantastic because I have about $150 worth of Gift Certificates and coupons to use! Follow me on Instagram, April 18th, for the play by play of my day at MOA:)
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