Monday, May 20, 2013


normally I'd be complaining that Jacob and I were struggling to come up with new photos together for these 1/52 posts...but these last few weeks I've had such an overabundance of photos together that I've had to combine a few:)


saturday night we lined up grams to watch Homer till 8PM and then a family friend to watch him into the wee hours of the mornin'...cause weeee gonna get crazayyyyyyy!!!! Whooooo Hoooooo!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Eeeeeeee!!!!

we were picking Homer up by 1030PM. We each had 2 drinks and enough PHut pizza to put us out for days. Wild. I know;) I think at one point we considered going home at 10PM and sleeping till 2AM and thennnn going and picking Homer up...we opted for fatty foods instead;)

we were not sad in the least with our early night:) It was fantastic to leave the house kid-less for the first time in a few months and it was amazing to just be out amongst humans, holding hands with my husband:) I like parading my little show-pony-love all over town;)

next time we're shooting for midnight!;)
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