Wednesday, May 29, 2013


i'm not really sure if these are qualifying as 'jacob AND casey' photos...especially when they're individual photos...maybe I need to try and get back to some where our faces are in the same shot;)


here we are at Targetttttttt! Whooo HOOOOO!!! Family trips to Target are THE most fun expensive;) Jacob was actually the one that suggested we grab some Starbucks - yes, please:) And then we proceeded to put one of everything into our carts. The end;)

i did end up making Jacob check-out while Homer and I went to the car cause I wasn't quite ready for the reality of that total;) Nahhhh, it could always be worse;)

PS. sorry about the blog slacking *sad face*. SO much has been going on! New house. Moving. Cleaning 2 houses. New-to-us car (FINALLY got my Priusssssss...or Pry-us, which is what my Insurance Agent insists on calling it...grrrrr;) and obviously, trips to Target (and a weeeee bit of online shopping - I.Can't.Be.STOPPEDDDD;).

now...about to fold some laundry while Jacob starts a movie on the computer - waiting on TV to be hooked up - and then some MAJOR cuddling's about to go down;)

night ya'll!
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