Sunday, June 2, 2013

i'll be the one drinking.

we've been living - i say living, not settled cause we're for surely unnnnsettled....but not in a terrible's been frustrating cozy;) - at the new house for about a week! So things have been pretty busy. Cleaning. Unpacking. Packing. Moving. Unmoving. 

moving is a pain in the ass. Especially when you're moving into something that you can't completelyyyy move in to. SO we're in. But we're not fully unpacked. Just living with the essentials for as long as it takes to sell our old house. THEN we'll remodel. THEN we'll finish unpacking. Seeing as we can't predict the future (so uncool that we can't;)...we have no clue when our old house will sell. SO we're getting comfy with the idea of living this way for some time...check back to see who's still alive in a few months - i'm encouraging you to put your monies on me...cause Jacob won't survive me if this living situation starts becoming a problem;)

prior to all this moving business...we enjoyed some downtime at our old house. The house we've spent the last few years at together. The house I've spent the last...9-ish years at total. I'm still kinda unsure of how I feel about leaving it. BUT I think still owning it has helped. Maybe I'll feel a little bit sadder once we actually sell it.

while Jacob planted some grass...Homer and I took some photos and played:) We like to encourage daddy from a far;)

the weather, here in Central WI, has been pretty inconsistent. Rainy. Sunny. Windy. Stormy. Cold. Warm - that may have been all in one day;). I'm so glad there's no snow on the ground anymore but I'd like it to just be...warm. For like 2 days straight. Capish?!?!?!? Homer even has a new kiddy pool, that his aunty Pigg got him, and we're itching to get it up in the yard!!!:)

we have been sneaking in lots of walks between flashes of rain but as much as Homer loves being outside he's getting awfully sick of being in the stroller. This is not good. I look forward to that hour of walking!!! SO I've been considering purchasing a Boba - baby carrier. I've heard great things - including a great review from Just Dancin' in the Rain, who owns one and loves it - which only makes me more confident about getting one!

doodles courtesy of the A Beautiful Mess app on iPhone.

jacob and I got a chance to enjoy some alone time around the fire after Homer had gone to bed and it was an amazing feeling to be just us again for a minute:) In the 'old days' we'd take off for a walk at 11PM - in all black...cause that's not weird at all;). But now there are bedtimes and schedules to be kept. It's a new way of life. A ridiculously amazing one. But I admit that there are times I miss the simpler times...where I wasn't constantly worried about anyone other than myself. 

but I love where we're at. I love what we have. And having Homer here all.the.time;)...only makes those quiet moments Jacob and I get to spend together, all that much more special. So next time Homer has an off day - one where he head butts me in the temple. bites me in the neck. shits up his back. refuses to nap. screams for the last 20min. of our walk. - I should try and remember that after he goes to bed...I'll miss his angry ass but enjoy a few minutes with Jacob all that much more;)
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