Sunday, June 2, 2013


jacob: " smell like cheese" (as if that's a good thing?? my husband is weird;)

me: "love nugget...that's baby puke"

sometimes is just not all that romantic folks;) Sometimes you have days, like we've been having for the last 2 days, where you just ANNOY the living shit out of each other! My god. I think you need examples. Yeah. Definitely.


OMG. Right now...right this very second WHILE I was typing up some pretty awesome examples...he pissed me off. That stupid conversation may have ended with me telling him to leave the room and the only way he should re-enter is on his knees - not his hands and knees - cause his hands best be full of ice cream! 

damn kidddddd! 


we hugged it out. No worries;)
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