Monday, June 3, 2013

homer wear:)

i feel like I've been keeping Homer from you! Tucking away his cuteness for only myself! But no more! Here he is folks! How he got this one knows. The cuteness came from a magical place. The biting and attitude...that may have come from us;)

i haven't gotten around to getting any 'outfit' photos of Homer at the new place but I hope to soon! I'm still catching up on old ones I have stored away!

1 thrifted - similar

2 thrifted - similar

seeeeeee. Believe it or not...I don't spend all of our hard earned money at Target;) I do a lot of thrifting and I would say that 60% of Homer's closet is 2nd hand/thrifted/garage sale finds. That's something I'm proud of:) And I do hope that someday ,when all his friends are renting $150 tuxes for Prom, he'll be happy wearing his dad's cool old jacket and tie or finding something super original in a 2nd hand store for a fraction of the price!:)

this kid is so dang special in so many ways already:) I can't wait to see what he becomes!

more to come on Homer-boy! He's got his one year check-up on Thursday. Which means we'll be getting all the stats on how he's been growing AND some shots. Ew for him...but nap for me cause shots knock.this.kid.out. I'll take that over a fever and fussiness;)
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