Monday, June 3, 2013

pretty things make me buy them.

today, while having Courts help me with some budgeting, I was mostlyyyy day dreaming about getting home to try on a new-to-me vintage dress that I just recently (prior to all this budget-smudget talk;) ordered from Friendly Fox Vintage:)

this dress may have been made for the 1970's:) It fits perfectly. Only a few things that I'm hoping to have my seamstress adjust:

1/ get some cups for the 'after baby' ladies

2/ possibly shorten the length but from the top - as pointed out in the photo below - that way we can preserve some of the detail at the bottom of the dress

SIDE NOTE: i can't waitttttt for my hair to get longerrrrrr. Grow babyyyyyy. GROW!

forgive the awful selfies...I was too excited to wait until Jacob got home from work. So this is the best you'll get for now.

now the pickle I'm in. I've mentioned before about this wedding I have coming up at the end of July. In Florida. I think I already know the answer to this....but is this Florida Wedding in July appropriate?? Maybeeeeee tooooo casual??

SO I need from you:

1/ should I shorten?

2/ does this work for a (semi-formal-ish) July wedding in Florida?

i think I'm already leaning towards No's on both those questions but waiting on you to give me your 2 cents. Send it!:)
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