Monday, September 16, 2013

month 16:)

homer. homer. homer. What can I say about our boy Homer!!?!?!?

he's exactly what I always thought my child would be. Right down to his perfect mixture of Jacob and I. His personality is such a blows my mind most days how he can go from being the chillest thing in a the loudest...most frightening thing in the room;)

Hi. My name is Homer Nicholas Scott Smith and I'm downright dramatic;)

- i like to shit my pants the minute mom...or Courts;)...puts a cloth diaper on me

- i like to throw my food if you don't do it the way I want and how I want'll never know

- i like to dip my food into any and all sauces
Currently, this is the only way I'll eat...Anything.

- i like to sleep and cuddle with mom when I'm not feeling well (only making mom wish that you got a fever once a week cause I seriously miss those cuddles:')

- i like to head-butt mom when she's completely unaware that a head-butt is about to occur
Usually while in my arms in the middle of a conversation with a girlfriend whom I'm telling stories about how amazing you are (nicely played son;)

- i nod and laugh and gibber jabber and have SO much to contribute to ALL conversations!
Saying: bye, thank you (working, unsuccessfully, on please), all done, apple, hot

- i'm the best thing that's every happened to mom and dad. Ever. 
Head-butting. Fit-throwing. Cat-grabbing. Even at his worst...he's more perfect than anything I could have ever imagined:)

we've now been lucky enough to enjoy 16 months of his company and look forward to every month ahead of us:)

most of you may already be aware (we've shared with close family and friends and now put it out there on Instagram/Twitter, etc.:)...but we're the point of tears (on my part;) announce that Homer will be a big brother come March 2014:)

since the day Homer was born I knew I'd done something so incredibly right in making the decision to create a family with Jacob. I fell in love with Jacob and then I fell in love with Homer and I've already fallen in love with the baby to come:) 

i have no fear of how I'll love another child as much as Homer. Jacob and Homer have only proven to me that my heart can only grow. Painfully so:) My only fear is how I'll ever stop making babies with the man I love:)

i'm not sure how I'll document this pregnancy...we're already at week 12 and I haven't even taken a belly photo yet! Jeesh! But I do plan on keeping ya'll in the loop, have no fear...there will be an overabundance of weight-gain complaining, breakdowns  and many many excited posts to come!

we've already received so many congrats and well wishes and we couldn't be more thankful for those! We feel incredibly lucky that we have our healthy boy and what we hope to be, another healthy baby on the way.

for those of you struggling, we think of you and hope for you everyday!
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