Monday, September 23, 2013

pack your bags...and then forget them;)

on Sunday, September 8, Jacob and I celebrated 2 years of marriage! Sometimes the concept of MARRIAGE still blows my mind. 2 years ago I told him I'd never leave him. I'd always be there for him. Make as many babies as he could stand, with him;) And really...just love him all the days of my life. 

still makes me giddy to think I somehow tricked him into loving me forever;)

as cliche as it sounds...I do love Jacob more than the day I married him. And the day I married him...I sure felt like I loved him a whole hell of a lot;) But as time passes and we grow closer and live life together and have heart has somehow found even more happiness than I could have ever imagined. We sometimes sit around after Homer's gone to bed and just talk and talk about how happy we are. How can we be MORE happy than we were 2 years ago? And can you imagine that someday soon we're going to be having this sameeeee conversation and saying that we're even MORE happy than that previous happy?!?!


POINT: i love him. He makes my world go round. I enjoy holding his hand more than anything. boom;)

for our anniversary we decided to take an overnight trip to the Cities. We've definitely had day trips to ourselves but this was the first time leaving Homer so we could go somewhere, JUST the 2 of us. Pretty exciting stuff!!! 

we had planned on heading to Chicago but seeing as we only had about 24hours to spare, we figured we'd save that for a time when we can give it more attention:)

first, we did the whole IKEA thing!:) We grabbed a few essentials for the house and did some day-dreaming about things that we hope to add someday - like cowhide rugs, obviously;).

and of course we couldn't leave without this horse shaped cake-pan. I's a horse shaped cake-pan. My new goal in life is to learn how to make horse shaped cakes;)

next up: West Elm. We went here because I've been obsessed with a few of their couches for quite some time and we've been told it's a great idea to nap on them take a seat on them prior to ever purchasing! This WAS a great idea because I was able to cross a few off my wish list that actually didn't deliver in person! BUT Jacob also fell in love with a few spendy pieces (super awesome because now I know he won't need convincing when we actually have the money to get something from that store:), which I also loved - like this rocking chair and ottoman AND this sectional:) Somedayyyyyyy.

after lunch and some shopping, we headed downtown to our hotel: The Hotel Minneapolis. Great hotel. Awesome location. I give it 2 thumbs up:) Thanks to my friend, Carrie - who lives in the Cities - for making this suggestion! We got a great deal through Livingsocial!

so the hotel was great. The not being able to find the hotel and having to deal with a million one-way streets and somewhere in there realizing neither of us put our bag (yep, the one with all our clothes, chargers, undies, tooth paste...ESSENTIALS FOR AN OVERNIGHT TRIP!!!!) in the car before leaving...that wasn't too super.

forgetting your luggage can be a bit stressful. Luckily, after getting up to the room and realizing it was lovely and had cable (which we haven't had in years!!) and that we still loved each other and no one was reallyyyyyy to blame...we napped:)

after I cried slash napped for a bit pulling our shit together we did still realize we needed some decent clothes to finish out the rest of our trip and a charger for our dying phones. We ended up taking a walk to a local Target and spending too much there but also being happy things worked out that way because the walk was great and so was seeing some places downtown!

once we were out walking and feeling so much better, Jacob told me that we had dinner plans. Plans that he had put together all by himself!!!! - did I just get naked?!?!;) So I got all dolled up in my newwww dress and we headed out on the town!

after getting lost...AGAIN...we managed to find Wilde Roast Cafe. And I'm SO glad we did because it was adorable and the food was so tasty! I really did feel like we were back on our honeymoon in Spain for the night. Cobblestone streets. Lite up bridge through the trees, next to a river. Gelato and wine:) Ah, it was perfection:) Another great suggestion from my friend, Carrie:):)

still smitten as a kitten:)

the next day we packed our...Target bags - gahhhhhh!!!!;) - and headed over to MOA for a quick stop before heading home to see our main squeeze, Homer!!!:)

MOA was more for wandering this time than shopping. But we did overindulge on Cinnabons. Jacob wanted to wait until right before we left to buy the Cinnabons because he felt like people were judging us because we had so many;) 
I may have just polished off another one...I thinkkkkk I've managed to shove at least 3 in me since Sunday...ew;) My ass and thighs are not impressed;)

it was a fantastic weekend and even forgetting our bags and getting a little turned around didn't put a damper at all on the amazing time we had. Jacob and I have found that we do well no matter where we go. We mostly just love going! So we can handle anything that gets thrown at us in-between:)

after picking up Homer and giving him all our attention till bed time...I may have cuddled up to Jacob and told him that I missed him. I just can't get enough of him. No amount of time that we spend together is ever enough for me:( And I mean that in the best way possible! Jacob makes so much time for me - I'm pretty spoiled people!!! - but he always leaves me wanting a million minutes more!:)
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