Saturday, November 30, 2013

week 23:)

ugggghhhhhh. blahhhhh. fat. ugly. Just a few of the things I was feeling this week! I may have gone nutso on Jacob a few times for no reason. 

  1. 1.
    "his nutso neighbors"
  1. 1.
    an insane or eccentric person.

Bring on the compliments people!!!! I kid;) I'm feeling great. I think there's bound to be a few funks throughout the process and gaining 55lbs can take its toll on anyone;) I really am enjoying this pregnancy so much:) 

above drink was amazing and I couldn't help but have oneeeee - and apparently soooo damn good I couldn't part from it to even take this photo!!!;) No judgement from all you sober pregnant ladies out there;)

due date 
the end of March:)

boy or girl 
Jacob: "I only make boys".
So there you have it;)

not too many names this week! Friend suggested Oakley in a recent Weekly Baby Name Email. Of course we'd already considered that - great minds;) 
Homer's named after his great grandfather, Jacob's grandpa - Homer William Smith (and Oakland was his Confirmation name...whatever that means...but somewhere in that Jacob had suggested Homer Oakley Smith). When we were trying to decide on a name for Homer...Oakley got thrown around but never landed on the list.

right now we're kinda shifting around middle names...I think we have a prettyyyyy good idea on the names we love. We've narrowed it down and now we wait:)

again, feelinggggggg...large. Irrational. Emotional. Good. 
Wait...the belly. Yes. It's pretty big. Sometimes I feel like I'm WAY bigger than I was with Homer and then I check the stats and we're coming in pretty close to the same...SO yeah. Thank the lord;)

thanksgiving happened. Fast food continues to happen. I can't stop eating candy. I'm still trying to figure out how to blame Jacob for my inability to stop eating. I'm open to suggestions;)

current weight: 161lbs
total weight gain: 24lbs

PS. we just ordered Pizza Hut:/

i'm still making things work. We went out for dinner with friends last night and I felt pretty adorable:)

baby buys 
i did get a few things while on our Annual MOA Trip a few weeks ago. I'll have to get a post up on that soon. 
I got a boy and girl outfit to bring the baby home in...depending on what sex comes out:)
Jacob fell in love with this beanie Courts found for of course we splurged on that:) Girl OR will be wearing that home:)

SIDE NOTE: homer had photos in the Hospital with his Yoda Hat on...and this baby will most likely have Hospital photos in a Bacon Beanie. Totally normal. Totally awesome;)

and besides all that...I want to shop. Uhhhhhh Lot. Likeeeeee uhhhhhh LOT. A lot. It's a problem I don't want to solve;)

thanks Courts for all the photos!! - these were taken at our Aunt Liz's, where we go for an amazing Thanksgiving every year! More to come on the Holiday's SOON!:) 

and Jacob took this photo last night while we were getting ready to go out...I kinda love it:)

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