Friday, January 24, 2014

bright lights. big city.

homer and I and my parents just returned from a night in Chicago to have Homer get his FIRST hair cut! Yes. We went to Chicago. For less than 24 hour. To get hair cuts. That's how we roll;)

my amazing aunt, Vicki, has styled hair beautifully for many years in Chicago and when I thought about how big of a deal it was to cut all Homer's hair off...she was the one I wanted to have do it. No question:) And she generously agreed to do mine as well:) Eeeekkkkk. She spoiled us!!!:)

i gotta say. I love Chicago and we spent time down there with my aunt Vicki and uncle Ted when we were much younger. And any chance we can get to take a little road trip and matter how near or far...or for what reason...we take it:)

we arrived later on Tuesday night and after getting settled in at the hotel - Inn of Chicago, we turned right around to get out and explore a bit! Prior to dinner we stopped in at Room & Board and it was....depressing inspiring!:) I love anything home decor, furniture, was just great to be IN the store and not drooling over a magazine at home:)

i wanted to have the deep dish pizza that Chicago is known for and had heard that Uno Pizzeria was the place to go in the area we were staying. Luckily, it was only a few blocks from our hotel and it wasn't TOO cold for a walk that night!

the pizza wassssssss perfecto:)

on our way back to the hotel for the night, we stopped at Eataly. It was a great market to walk around and we grabbed a few things to get us through the night and next morning:)

wednesday morning we walked to my aunts salon and within 2 hours...I had some long bangs and Homer no longer had a mullet!

when I see that long hair of his now...I can hardly believe that it ever existed. I didn't cry. But it felt very intense to have all that hair cut off in only a moment:( But for some reason...I don't feel like it's aged him...I feel like he looks even more like my baby...just cleaned up a bit;)

after hair cuts, Vicki treated us to lunch at a high rise restaurant - Oak Tree - with an amazing view:) It was the perfect way to wrap up our little getaway:)

we had such a blast and I'm thinking of that trip as a fantastic treat to myself before the baby comes!:):) But I sure hope Jacob and I can make a Chicago trip happen together someday!:)

chicago is just the best place to get-away to. It's a bit of a road trip, but if you're into that, as we are, you'll have just as much fun driving down as you do while there! And in less than 24 hours we got to do a handful of things we'd never done or seen! A great feeling!:)
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